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$275 - $300

Ruger EC9s Semi Auto 9mm Luger, 3.3/16 Barrel Turquoise frame blued barrel, with extra Pro Mag 7 rounds.

$700 - $760

You are buying a new Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II in 5.56 Nato with a 16" barrel. This AR comes with a forward assist as well as a dust cover. The chromed firing pin and Armornite finish will provide years of reliable use. Displayed images are stock photos.

$15000 - $16300

Ruger KAC556 as it is listed on it's form 3. This is a transferable machine gun. Select fire, semi, 3 round burst, and full auto. Will transfer to your FFL/SOT. RUGER KAC556, Barrel 18.5 inches, Overall 37.25 inches, Caliber .223. The rifle is in extremely good condition. We did test fire it to ensure reliablitly, accuracy, and operation. It has been cleaned and is ready to go. What you see in the pictures is exactly what you will be getting. If you are a fan of the A-Team tv show....this is what you've been looking for. Included in this listing are the following: -Samson mini-14 folding stock modified to work with the select fire control group - Ceiner/Hohrein .22 caliber conversion kit, complete with instructions. 3 extra .22 caliber 30rd conversion magazines - 3 factory Ruger mini-14/AC556 stripper clip spoons, 1 30rd factory ruger magazine, and a vintage Ruger ACC 556 patch. Stainless AC556 rifles appear from time to time. Very rarely in this condition with the extras included.

$470 - $500

We have a used NJ compliant Smith & Wesson M&P15 semi-automatic rifle for sale. This is chambered in 5.56mm with a 16\" barrel. It comes as shown in pictures with a 10 round magazine and green laser/light combo. This is in Very Good Used Condition. Overall we would grade at approx 98%. Check out the pictures and feel free to call or email with any questions. Not more than 50 rounds through it

$850 - $1000

This Smith & Wesson 625 is one of the Early Model of 1989 Featuring the 5" Barrel and Factory Matte Stainless Finish!! This example remains in wonderful condition as shown!! This offering is complete with the original numbers matching box with manual, moon clips, etc. Don't miss your chance to add this S&W 625 to your collection!!

$350 - $375

Woodleigh Bullets for 50 Alaskan and 50-110 useing .510 dia bullets, 500 grain flat point softs. 6 NIB boxes and one open with 11 pcs. They hit hard and are very difficult to find especially since the factory burned down

$700 - $850

New in Box...... The Glock 40 Gen4 is chambered in 10mm and has a full 6-inch barrel for an improved velocity. The G40 Gen 4 is a powerful yet easily carried pistol; perfect for the outdoor person, hunter, or sport shooter. It is designed to give the handgun hunter the ultimate choice in semi-automatic gaming pistol and has proven to be more than capable of taking down game such as whitetail deer, Russian boar, and feral hogs. Glock engineers have developed the Glock Modular Optic System (MOS) to simplify mounting of popular optics without costly custom machining of the pistols slide. The MOS is offered with cover plate when no optic is mounted and four plates options to comply with the specifications of some of the most trusted optic manufacturers in the industry. MOS gives you the option of adding tall iron sights allowing the optic and the iron sights to co-witness Serial Number: BWET1644

$1200 - $1300

This is almost new Benelli Lupo -Fired not morethan 100 rounds through it. Selling because I have already two other rifles in 30-06 and don't use this one to hunt. This rifle is very accurate and shoots under 1MOA. See picture of Benelli's accuracy certificate that came with the rifle. I shot better than .73 MOA. The rifle comes with two extra parts already installed (for free with the purchase) - a raised comb (I paid $100), which makes a lot of difference in linining up your sight with scope - no strain on the neck and nice cheek weld and sight alignment. The raised comb is extremely comfortable as it is made from soft material - same as the original (which will also come with the rifle). The comb is part of their Progressive Comfort system designed to reduce recoil. The other extra part that I installed is the swivel stud which is needed if you are going to use a bipod to shoot (that's what I used it for). Lastly, even though this is 30-06 you won't feel it when shooting this rifle. Benelli uses the above mentioned innovative Progressive Comfort system (carried here from their shotguns) so you feel almost no recoil. The rifle is extremely light. You can get the specs from their site but it is really easy to carry in the Western hunt or if you are after whitetail in the midsouth or east. Other things to note... lots of way to adjust your stock... lots of shims to give you 36 different personalized positions. I didn't play with them but it is cool that you can angle and turn your butstock. The magazine is awesome too and fits 5 rounds. You'll enjoy this rifle.

$2000 - $2200

Magnum Research, Inc. - DESERT EAGLE 50AE Pistol - CUSTOM FINISH in Titanium Gold - This Pistol has beautifully carved CUSTOM wooden grips that were made in Turkey with the Eagle Logo inlaid on each side. It comes with a CUSTOM wooden case that is emblazoned with the Eagle Logo on the top side.

$900 - $950

New in box Beretta CX4 Storm 9mm in FDE! Comes factory new in hard case with 20rd magazine, manual, and lock! The CX4 is a semiauto pistol-caliber carbine designed to give you the familiar controls of your favorite Beretta combat handgun. The cold-hammer forged barrel delivers easy to use, ultra-reliable and low-recoil, its versatility and accessory options have made it a favorite of recreational shooters. The operating handle, safety and magazine release are reversible and the case ejection can also be switched from right to left. The length of pull is adjustable (one spacer included), making the CX4 easily and intuitively come up to the shoulder of most shooters. The aperture and post sights are user-adjustable, meaning that you can train with your favorite brand of ammo without taking the carbine to a gunsmith. Pixelguns.com

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