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Wilson Combat 9mm CLASSIC, STAINLESS

Wilson Combat 9mm CLASSIC, STAINLESS

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Wilson combat











Stainless steel


Adjustable rear sight


Serial Number:WCT26292 Wilson Combat needs little presentation. For north of 20 years Bill Wilson has culminated the craft of hand fitting the best machined parts to the most impenetrable resistances to make the most dependable and exact 1911 style guns in this country. Also, they look totally beautiful. This Wilson CLASSIC model worked in 2017 is an exceptionally alluring, custom request firearm with Wilson pure casing and slide, cleaned pads with dark foundation lettering, checkered pecan holds with authentic silver emblem, Bullet Proof Magwell, Wilson Lo-Mount flexible back sight, eight-round mag. The CLASSIC is ideally suited for home guard, individual convey, or cutthroat sport shooting with its match grade barrel and is GUARANTEED TO SHOOT 1 GROUPS AT 25 YARDS THAT CORRECT YARDS NOT FEET! Whether for obligation use, self-preservation, disguised convey, contest, or only fun at the reach, the CLASSIC has the presentation, exactness, and unwavering quality you would anticipate from the principal custom 1911 developer on the planet. The firearm weighs 41 ounces void with its 5  barrel, measures 8.7 long, 5.6 high, and 1.3 in width. Details High-Cut Checkered Frontstrap High-Ride Bullet Proof Beavertail Grip Safety Unbeatable Thumb Safety 3 ½# Crisp Trigger Pull Unbeatable Magwell 5" Stainless Match-Grade Barrel and Bushing, Hand Fit All Wilson Combat Bullet Proof parts are CNC machined from strong steel billets and unequivocally designed for a totally wonderful fit. No modest castings or sub-par, imported, infusion formed parts will at any point wear the Bullet Proof name. All Bullet Proof parts are destined to be liberated from deformities or breakage always, The Best Parts With The Best Guarantee In The Industry! The technicians are brilliant with a fresh trigger force that breaks clean at 3.5lbs. pull like clockwork. The hardened steel slide and casing show as new with no outside wear present. The equivalent is valid for the checkered pecan holds. The drag is awesome, and the firearm is tight precisely. The convey case and adornments go with the firearm upon deal. Numerous clients have asked me for what reason they ought to spend the cash on a Wilson Combat uniquely constructed weapon when they could purchase a cutout creation firearm for less cash. The response is basic and complex. To start with, with regards to safeguarding your friends and family or yourself, simply the best will do. In the event that the opportunity at any point arrives that you want a handgun for guarded purposes don,t you need the best? I suspect as much. Indeed, even practice and cutthroat shooting is more remunerating with an exceptionally precise and solid firearm. And afterward there is the Wilson Combat FOREVER WARRANTY that ensures your Wilson handgun will constantly be inside plant specs. Wilson Combat handguns hold their worth and are profoundly attractive, making your buy a resource that doesn't blur after some time. Pixelguns.com

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